„artistocrazy“ is the title for a longplayer, which can be grasped only in its entirety, because every song is different to the next. the album describes literally the mental state of mastermind markus scholl, losing the plot in the the sick world of 2019, which he describes as driven by greed, destruction, narcissism, big data, neo feudalism, you name it. the wide range of topics is musically transferred by a likewise broad range of stylistic variations. You’ll get the shoegaze-y rendition of „bloated“, next to the electronic dance beat mayhem of „true believers, next to the art poppy „no big deal“, next to the even artsier and jazzier piano meets electronica outfit of „houses & habitats“, the list goes on. So, there is a lot of colors in the palett of the duo of eric schemer and markus scholl.

animated gif and artwork: zippo zimmermann