Early go nogo-track „Paint“ available via Emerald & Doreen 200

when markus ‚fred‘ scholl helped emerald & doreen records in its infant years to make steps, then by supplying his first compositions to be published for the label, either in the guise of the robot scientists or go nogo. the „movement“ or „good morning“ e.p.s surely helped the label to gain momentum also by the fact of having popular djs and producers remixing the original, such as skåtebard, rayko or marius våreid. it nevertheless paid off for both the parties, since emerald & doreen had a nice run and furthermore got support from kitsuné maison-compiler jerry bouthier who crafted some nice mix-compilations, „voyage sauvage 1 & 2“. 5 years later, the busy-bees behind the label, markus schneider, eric schemer and stefan maurer, have more than 200 catalogue numbers under their belt and the insane release schedule does not seem to change pace. For this anniversary-occasion, jerry bouthier once again delivers a tasty showreel of recent catalogue-highlights, incorporating a go nogo exclusive that had not been released prior to that compilation. „paint“ had been produced alongside the first batch of early compositions, back in 2011 and only been on display via the go nogo-soundcloud page. It sounds totally in line with the material which combined the „nudisco“.