When you are confined to stay inside, like it has happened over the years 2020/21, the best thing you can do, is to learn some new tricks. In this regard, Markus ‚Fred‘ Scholl has picked up the electric guitar and started to pen some songs, based on what he absorbed. Three quarters of a year later, the result is a five track Mini-LP with fresh material from go nog’s singer/songwriter. Have a bite:


coverartwork for go solo agendager depicting the songwriter on a blurry polaroid

Tyranny of Choice

go solo - Scenes From 84 (Downtown Dubstep Remix) feat. Caroline Koob

Just one week after release of Fred Scholl’s E.P. „agendager“, he drops a remix of „Scenes of 84“, which is reminiscent of early Dubstep pioneers Horsepower Productions as well as Hyperdub heros like Burial or Kode9. Somewhere between the brooding and shadowy, jazzy piano sprinkles lurk out of the echowaves. Violinist and chanteuse Caroline Koob adds adlibbings and extra lines. Her style is rather pure and innocent in delivery, a true no thrills but chills vocal approach. The perfect match for a chillingly haunting tune.

Download Audio here:

Scenes From 84_(Downtown Dubstep Remix) feat. Caroline Koob