Voyage Sauvage Vol. 2 by Jerry Bouthier features „No Reply“

Jerry_Bouthier_Voyage_Sauvage2jerry bouthier – dj-darling of fashion design icon vivienne westwood, compiler for the über-hipster label kitsuné, and label owner of continental records has picked go nogo’s latest single no reply for emerald & doreen’s second edition of its compilation series voyage sauvage. just like its predecessor, the wild mix features bouthier’s personal highlights out of the vast e&d-catalogue, marrying nudisco, indietronic and different shades of ear-pleasing electronica. with its soft-bounce and subdued charme, the compilation has been championed by highly acclaimed trend-spotter john noi, editor of style of sound. the compilation features tracks by david garcet & mjane, copycat, haioka, go satta, cannibal ink, yoshiyuki ota, dim zach, disco chillio, klangschwester, boris carlofflazy kisshead pocket and many more…. 

this very fine selection can be bought via any major digital platform like itunes, beatport or amazon.